måndagen den 24:e februari 2014

Manga picks March 2014

I love manga and I usually make a list each month of the new releases that I'm interested in. Since I already made the list I thought that it would be fun to share it with you. At the end of March I'm going to do a list of the stuff that I actually bought (including previous releases).


  • Oresama Teacher 16 by Izami Tsubaki - I really enjoy this series and I always buy the volumes as soon as they're released. 
Kodansha Comics 
  • Sherlock Bones 4 by Yuma Ando and Yuki Sato - Another series that I really enjoy. It reminds me a bit of Case Closed (Meitantei Conan) that I used to read until the Swedish edition was cancelled. 
  • My Little Monster 1 by Robico - I have four words: HIGH SCHOOL ROMANTIC COMEDY
  • The Seven Deadly Sins 1 by Nakaba Suzuki - It seems like a fun adventure story and I tend to enjoy those. 
Yen Press

No new titles in March that I'm interested in. 

torsdagen den 28:e november 2013

Where do I buy my books?

A few months ago I watched a video from The Bookrat about book buying and since I buy too many a lot of books from a number of different sources I decided to write about it.

Physical Bookstores 
  • Akademibokhandeln - This is the big bookstore chain in Sweden and I occasionally buy books here. They have a good selection but they are way too pricy for my taste. 
  • SF-bokhandeln aka THE BEST BOOKSTORE IN THE WORLD. They have fantasy, science fiction, manga, anime and much more. Unfortunately I live pretty far away from their stores but I go there every time I visit Stockholm and Gothenburg. Their prices are OK and they have the nicest staff. 
  • Local comic book store - This is a small store in my hometown that I visit on a weekly basis. I buy the majority of my manga from this store and their prices pretty good. 
  • Goodwill/ other charity shops: I love browsing charity shops and find new treasures for my bookshelf. The selection can be a bi hit or miss but that is part of the fun. 
Online Bookstores
  • Adlibris - I don't buy books from this store as often anymore but I still use it. Their prices are good but the design of the site is pretty bad. 
  • Amazon - I buy all of my ebooks from Amazon but I haven't bought any physical books from them since the shipping is expensive. 
  • Abebooks - I don't use Abebooks unless it's a book that is really hard to find but I've never had any problems with any of the sellers I've bought books from. 
  • Bokbörsen - This site works the same way as Abebooks and I use it occasionally.  

lördagen den 9:e november 2013

Book themed curtains

My mother actually bought them for me as a joke, but I hung them in my bedroom since they work well with the color scheme.

tisdagen den 5:e november 2013

813 by Maurice Leblanc

One day, the wealthy M. Kesselbach comes back to his hotel room and gets very nervous when he realizes that someone has been in the room when he and his secretary had lunch. M. Kesselbach immediately calls the chief of the detective-service M. Lenormand to arrange a meeting. But shortly after his call M. Keselbach is robbed and the next morning he is found dead. But the police doesn’t only find the dead M. Kesselbach, they also find Arsène Lupin’s card. Has the thief become a murderer, or is there someone else involved?

My thoughts: 813 is considered by many to be one of Maurice Leblanc’s best books and I both agree and disagree with them. Some chapters of the book are amazing and I couldn’t stop reading but there are also parts that are way too melodramatic for my taste. The thing that really works is the mystery. We have Lupin, the police and the real killer. In this book Lupin is both the good and the bad guy. This isn’t easy for him since he wants his plan to succeed and at the same time clear his name of murder charges.  Then there is his mysterious enemy who is just as dangerous as Sherlock Holmes. But unlike Holmes or the police, this adversary doesn’t hesitate to kill which makes the stakes much higher. High stakes = a good mystery novel. The other think I like about this book is the surprises. Since it obvilously would spoil the enjoyment of the book for a prospective reader, I'll just say that there are plenty of them. 

But then there is the romance. In this book it doesn’t work that well. When Lupin thinks about the lady in question he changes and become dramatic and slightly crazy. If the tone of the book was lighter it might have worked, but in this darker story it just feels wrong. But overall this is a good but sad book and when I read the last pages I almost cried.

Availability: Easy to find. The book is in print and you can download it from Project Gutenberg. 

fredagen den 25:e oktober 2013

Making Faces by Amy Harmon (2013)

Fern and Ambrose are polar opposites. She is a plain Jane and he is the gorgeous wrestling star. Fern has been in love with him forever while he barely knows that she exists. But then 9/11 happens and instead of college Ambrose joined the army together with his friends. Of the five men that went off to war only one came back. Filled with survivors guilt and with a ruined face he hides from the world, but Fern is determined to help him and drag him out in the light.

When I started reading Making Faces I didn’t know what to expect. The book had gotten really great reviews at Amazon but, that doesn’t guarantee a good reading experience. It was also more expensive than the ebooks I usually buy, but I decided to gamble since the summary sounded interesting. After a few chapters, I knew that I would get my moneys worth. Making Faces is a story about love, friendship, loss and guilt. It’s also a story about beauty and the importance of words. When I started reading I thought I would get the classic average girl /gorgeous guy story, but the characters are so much more than that. Fern may be average but she has great parents and a good friend in her disabled cousin Bailey. Her life isn’t bad but she would like to be prettier so that Ambrose would notice her. I appreciate that Fern isn't one of those heroines that is really gorgeous and doesn't notice her own beauty. Ambrose is also an interesting character. He appears to be “perfect” but it’s not easy for him to live up to his image.

The first part of the book works well as a build up but it’s the second part of the story that is really good. When Ambrose returns from Iraq things have changed. Ambrose gets to see Fern in a new light while her feelings haven’t changed that much.  Sometimes she is a bit too sweet and understanding for my taste and I would have appreciated if she was a little less angelic. But after thinking about it I decided that Fern was a perfect heroine for this book since would have been another story if she had been different. But what really made this book special for me is Ferns cousin Bailey. He is a beautifully written character that embodies that life is short and that we have to live it to the fullest. Now it’s time for me to stop rambling to you can buy the book and discover Fern, Ambrose and Bailey’s story yourself.

A big thank you to Maryse.net for introducing me to this book. 

onsdagen den 23:e oktober 2013

A book haul or a very bad excuse for buying more books that I don't really need

The first five books are from Goodwill and the last one is one that I ordered weeks ago. At least one of them was a planned purchase!